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Essay about Men’s Magazine Analysis

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The magazine I have chosen for analysis is an issue of Men’s Magazine for March 2010. The magazine conveys health tips and suggestions on one cover and on the other cover has tips for men’s style. 33 pages of the magazine cover style and 136 pages cover health, sex, relationships, fitness, and nutrition with about half the magazine having advertisements for a variety of products including cars, cologne, clothes, alcohol, and healthy foods. The audience that Men’s Health portrays to is straight men above 18 years old who can afford to purchase the products advertised and have enough free time to try the health and fitness tips given. The purpose of Men’s Health is to be a well rounded men’s magazine that covers what most women’s magazines…show more content…

It seems that for men to care about toiletries they must have their own rebranding of the women’s product to use it. In an ad for Wheaties Fuel cereal on page 27 it shows a basketball player (Kevin Garnett), a football player (Peyton Manning), and a baseball player (Albert Pujols), with tough demeanors and the line above them saying “Winning takes intense preparation.” To promote their cereal, (which in the ad says has complex carbs, B-vitamins, and bold crunch) it shows three athletes from physically demanding sports who are modern violent male icons. “Because violence establishes masculinity…the masculinity of the product-and hence the size of the potential market-increases” (Katz, GRCM, 356). The athletes were all different races of White, Black, and Hispanic. The do not represent any other races of people or athletes of other sports in this particular advertisement. The simple act of placing an icon that other men look up to can make their product more successful and conveys a message that if you are manly like this athlete than you will buy this cereal. On the side of Men’s Health that covered the “2010 Guide to Style” which is 33 pages on the end of the magazine I noticed that each page looks to be an advertisement though some pages were obvious ads, others included text on the side explaining the guide to the style that was incorporated. The styles they talk about

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Analysis of the Representation of Women in Magazines Essay

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Analysis of the Representation of Women in Magazines

In this essay, I am going to analyse how girls and women are represented in a range of magazines. Depending on the target audience, the contents of the magazine differs. This essay will look and describe the differences between the magazines and why they are there. The age groups and magazines I will be examining are; teenage with the magazine ‘Sneak,’ twenty something's with the magazine ‘Glamour,’ and middle aged with the magazine ‘Women’s Own.’ I will give a general overview of each target audience and what is represented.

I will begin with ‘Sneak’ and the target audience of teenagers. Although aimed at teenagers, many eight and…show more content…

‘Glamour’ is aimed mainly at late teens to late twenties. When flicking through the magazine, I noticed that there was more text and adverts. This reflects how the age-group has more time and disposable income. Also, ‘Glamour’ was the most expensive magazine, being £1.90 and included a website, (see figure 2,) which again indicates a higher disposable income and extra time. The front cover yet again includes an hourglass shaped celebrity, but she is older, although she still conforms to the dominant ideology for a young female. The magazine includes the latest fashion and make-up styles, but on a much larger scale when compared to ‘Sneak.’ “MASSIVE FASHION SPECIAL: 1322 HOT NEW LOOKS.” It again includes problem pages, but the problems are mainly on lifestyle or sex, instead of dating. ‘Glamour’ also advertises to the stereotypical women using its front page with the advert; “20% off SHOES At Faith for every reader.” Magazines can use this effectively, because it represents the expectations reflected by society and the media.

‘Women’s Own’ is mostly aimed at middle aged housewives, although older people do read it, because it would give them a chance of extended youth. The front cover for the magazine, (see figure 3,) is dramatically different. It has older soap celebrities, who some women would be able to relate to. The people on the cover are less bothered about

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