Reduce Car Accidents Essay

Nowadays, the most of the accidents caused by voilating the traffic rules and heavy speed. In this phenomenon all are playing equal roles like teenagers,adults,maitured persons. Because the traffic rules are same for all. In my point of view I believe and agree with above arguement.

Firstly, young drivers are driving heavy speed and do not follow the traffic rules properly. And drink and drive also another reason for causing most of the accidents. In present days, mainly young stars haven't know the traffic rules and they have not patience. So most of the adults driving is very rash way. And they cannot maintain proper speed. Most of the time they are jumping the signal. For example, recently I saw one accident in that two young stars were coming with heavy speed in huge traffic. They had not care about traffic signal. They had just jumped the signal with same speed and after few minutes some far distance the huge accident had hapend and they had fell. Because they were going in wrong route in that time one trunk also came with spam speed and both were dashing with each other.

Secondly, roads also one of the main reason for causing accidents. Because in my country the muncipal corporation is maintaining worst road system. The driver who drives vechiles on roads they are not comfatable with road system because in that road lot of man holes and holes are there. In raney season roads are totally damaged because of rain. Because in that season water is jam in one place. So the road is properly damaged.

To sum up, only young stars are not play key role in accidents but most of the percentage occupy adults because of above reasons. And any human being either it is adult or teenager or any one have to know the basic traffic rules and strictly follow the rules because accident is dangerous thing in human being life. One small mistake will kill the human being.

IELTS Essay Topic:

The best way to reduce the number of traffic accidents is to raise the age limit for younger drivers and lower the age limit for elderly ones.

Do you agree or disagree?

Give reasons for your answers and provide relevant example and experience you might have.

Sample Answer:
Today traffic accidents have become a pressing issue in the entire world. It is because some believe that many young drivers are using vehicles roughly and they start driving at an early age which increases road accidents. Not only youngsters but also older people contribute to increasing accidents. Therefore ideally, a suitable age limit should be imposed for drivers to reduce the number of heinous accidents happening on roads each day.

Firstly, major issues are being raised due to young drivers and their approach towards traffic etiquette. It results into dangerous accidents. Today’s youth are often inspired by films’ action scenes and they apply those in real life. It can increase accident significantly. Young drivers are often reckless and have less experience in driving. Their irresponsible driving and lack of knowledge in traffic rules can create chaos in roads.

Secondly, many adults have drinking problems and have weak eye sights. They often feel dizzy or sleepy in long drives.  Sometimes such minor mistakes of drivers fail other innocent drivers of the road and devastating accidents happen.

Therefore, I believe that government should increase the required age of young people for driving and before awarding them driving license they should also been educated about traffic rules and driving skills. Similarly older people with physical or drinking problem should be prohibited from driving. Old people often suffer from many illnesses like low eyesight, hearing loss and that become hurdles while driving.

In conclusion, age limit of people for driving is an essential step in reducing traffic accidents. I would also suggest that not only age limit of young and elder drivers should be strictly followed but also their physical fitness, driving skills and ability should be rigidly checked and monitored before permitting them for driving.

[Written by – Ankita Bhatt ]

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