Annamalai University Mba 2nd Year Assignment Of Mortgage


1. Develop a XML application to get the details of Books (Title, Author Name, ISBN No, Publisher details). List out the details of Management related books. Write DTD, Schema, XZL wherever required? 2. Create an online application for monitoring user events using JSP. 3. A. Discuss abut EJB architecture and its Components with neat diagram. B. Describe the important services provided by a container to an enterprise bean? 4. Develop an employee Payroll system using (RMI) Techniques, the primary methods of Payroll calculation should be accessed from remotely. 5. Design web page for hospital Management system with all DHTML features and display the hospital name in all pages using Cookies in JSP.


1. Large corporations like General Motors (GM), Ford, Hewlett Packard (HP), and Digital primarily viewed themselves as manufacturing companies until the 1980s. With the globalization of operations and the proliferation of computer networks, it was important that the manufacturing organizations extend their information system across the supply chain with ERP solutions. Discuss your views on this aspect. 2. As you are a General Manager in a reputed manufacturing firm and you wish to implement ERP to replace the existing system. But the employees were unaware about the new methodologies. How will you react and successfully implement the ERP. 3. Imagine that you are a manager in a firm and implemented ERP system but that is failed in your company, what type of strategies that you will follow to recover it? 4. Implementation of an ERP system is a major investment and commitment for any organization, but still many ERP implementations fail. What are factors that contribute to the failure of ERP implementation?


1. If strategic planning is essentially a program, can it display the degree of adaptiveness

that 21st century enterprises need? Would ‘strategic

improvisation’ be a plausible alternative? Explore the practical

consequences of strategic improvisation for enterprise management. 2. Select an automobile industry in India, and evaluate its competitive

business strategy using porter’s five force model? What strategies can you

suggest to convert the unattractive forces in to attractive ones?

3. “Complementary mergers may result in each firm filling in the missing

pieces of their firm with pieces from ot

her firm” – 

 Examine the validity of the statement in the Indian context with necessary examples.

4. ‘Formality is the enemy of creativity and innovation’. ‘informality is the enemy of 

disciplined and reliable performance’. Is it consequently impossible for

 an enterprise to be both innovative and disciplined? Investigate how these qualities can be combined.



1. “An important role of global marketing and its clear explanation of responsibility”


 Discuss elaborately in a global view. 2. Enlist the general problems faced during import and export of fabrics and the solution for it. 3. What criteria should Global marketers consider while making product design decisions? 4. What, in your view, are the key principles of global marketing? Explain their importance towards marketing success.


1.(a) Some companies hire consulting firms to develop the initial project plans and manage the project, but use their own analysts and programmers to develop the system. Why do you think some companies do this? Justify your views (b) Suppose you are a systems analyst developing a detailed test plan. Explain

Annamalai University offers a two year postgraduate degree in Management (MBA). Students can do their MBA in Human Resource Management. The course is much in demand these days. The career prospects of a student also increase after doing an MBA. In the first year of the degree there is a subject of human resource management. The pattern of the examination of human resource management is given below.

The question paper of human resource management consists of conventional type questions as in it is not just an objective test. The question paper is divided in four sections. The questions in the paper can be classified as short answer type, long answer type an essay type. The duration of the paper is three hours and the maximum marks carried are 75.

Section A consists of eight questions from which the students are required to answer any five in about 10 lines each. Each question carries 3 marks.

Section B consists of five questions out of which three are to be answered. Each question carries 10 marks.

Section C consists of three questions with a choice to answer any one. This question carries 15 marks.

Section D consists of only one question which is compulsory. This question also carries 15 marks.




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