Latihan Soal Essay Passive Voice

Pasti Quipperian sangat senang belajar pelajaran bahasa Inggris. Menyinggung soal pelajaran bahasa Inggris, kali ini Quipper Video Blog akan membahas tentang materi passive voice atau materi kalimat pasif. Tentunya, materi ini cukup penting kamu kuasai agar kamu dapat berbahasa Inggris dengan baik dan benar. Langsung saja yuk disimak pembahasannya!

Contoh Soal Passive Voice dan Jawaban

1. My Mother fixed the car yesterday.

Passive voice is:

A)    My mother was fixed the car yesterday.

B)    My mother was being fixed the car yesterday.

C)    The car was fix by my mother yesterday.

D)    The car was fixed by my mother yesterday.

E)    My father was fixed the car yesterday.

Untuk menjawab soal tersebut, kamu harus mengidentifikasi tense yang digunakan pada kalimat soal. Pada kalimat soal tersebut, tense yang digunakan ialah Simple Past Tense. Nah, ketika suatu kalimat aktif dengan menggunakan Simple Past Tense maka saat diubah menjadi kalimat pasif harus menggunakan struktur To be (was/ were + V3) dengan subjek pasifnya. Pada kasus tersebut, subjek pasifnya adalah The car (singular).

Sudah terlihat jawabannya? Yak, benar, jawabannya adalah D. Kamu pintar!

Contoh Soal Passive Voice dan Jawaban

2. He fixes the broken bikes every day.

Turn it into passive form:

A)    The broken bikes are fixed by him every day.

B)    The broken bikes are fixed by her every day.

C)    The broken bikes are fixed by he every day.

D)    The broken bikes are fixed by him.

E)    No one fixed the broken bikes.

Kalimat pada soal tersebut menggunakan Simple Present Tense dengan objek ‘the broken bikes’. Kata tersebut sudah barang tentu menjadi subjek pasifnya dan memiliki bentuk plural. Jadi, jawaban yang benar adalah A.

3. The students are using the computers now.

Passive voice is:

  1. The computers are used by them now.
  2. The computers were used by them now.
  3. The computers is being used by them now.
  4. The computers are used by they now.
  5. The computers are being used by the students now.

Tenses pada kalimat tersebut adalah Present Countinuous Tense. Jadi, bentuk kalimat pasifnya menjadi ‘the computers are being used by students now. Dengan demikian, jawaban untuk soal tersebut ialah E.

4. Usep has taken an English course.

Turn it to passive form:

  1. English courses have taken by Usep.
  2. An English course has been taken by Usep.
  3. An English course taken by Usep.
  4. Usep has been taken an English course.
  5. Usep and friend has taken an English course.

Kalimat pada soal menggunakan Present Perfect Tense. Ketika diubah menjadi kalimat pasif maka kalimat tersebut akan menjadi ‘An English course has been taken by Usep.’ Dengan begitu, jawaban untuk soal itu ialah pilihan B.

5. In the 1970’s, this car ‘__’.

A)    Will be manufactured.

B)    Is manufactured.

C)    Was manufactured.

D)    Not be manufactured.

E)    When manufactured.

Pola soal tersebut ialah mengisi akhir kalimat dengan kalimat pasif yang benar. Bila merujuk pada keberadaan angka tahun, berarti kalimat tersebut menggunakan Simple Past Tense. Maka, kamu harus menggunakan To be (was/were) + V3. Jadi, jawaban untuk soal tersebut ialah C.

6. His first book ‘__’ tomorrow morning.

A)    Was launched.

B)    Will be launched.

C)    Is launched.

D)    Launched.

E)    Has been launched.

Kalimat tersebut terlihat menggunakan Simple Future Tense. Jadi, kalimat yang mengisinya harus ‘will be launched.’ Dengan demikian, jawaban yang tepat adalah pilihan B.

Yuk, Pelajari Contoh Soal Report Text Beserta Jawabannya Ini!

7. Janitor cleans the class room every day.

The passive form of that sentence’s are…

A)    The class room is cleaned by janitor every day.

B)    The class room is clean by janitor every day.

C)    The Janitor is cleaned the room every day.

D)    The room was clean by the janitor every day.

E)    Janitor cleans the class room.

Kalimat tersebut menggunakan Simple Present Tense. Ketika kamu ubah ke dalam bentuk kalimat pasifnya, maka kalimat itu menjadi ‘the class room is cleaned by janitor every day.’ Dengan demikian, jawaban untuk soal tersebut ialah pilihan jawaban A.

Itulah sekelumit contoh soal passive voice dan pembahasannya. Kalau kamu masih belum puas dengan contoh soal itu, maka kamu bisa mendapatkan contoh lainnya di artikel lainnya! Semangat belajar ya Quipperian agar dapat memahami materi passive voice dalam pelajaran Bahasa Inggris.

Penulis: Muhammad Khairil

Pengertian, Rumus, Contoh Kalimat dan Latihan Soal Passive Voice 

Sahabat SBI (Study bahasa Inggris), sudahkan kalian mempelajari materi passive voice ?

Passive voice ( Kalimat pasif ) adalah struktur kalimat penulisan dalam bahasa Inggris yang mana subject (pelaku) dari kalimat tersebut dikenakan suatu pekerjaan.. Passive voice juga terdapat pada bahasa Indonesia, misalnya makan menjadi dimakan, minum menjadi diminum.

Cara membentuk kalimat pasif adalah sebagai berikut :

  1. Mengubah objek dalam aktif menjadi subjek dalam bentuk pasif.
  2. Meletakkan by sesudah kata kerja utama dalam bentuk pasif sebelum subjek.
  3. Kata kerja yang dipakai adalah verb 3 yang didahului to be.
  4. Menyusun kalimat menyesuakan tenses.

Lebih detailnya, simak baik-baik dalam uraian artikel di bawah ini …

Pola dasar kalimat pasif adalah to be + V3. Adapun bentuk to be berubah-ubah sesuai dengan tensesnya yaitu : is, am, are, was, being, be, been atau to be itu sendiri.

Perubahan Kalimat Aktif Menjadi Kalimat Pasif




1.      She washes her dresses

2.      She is washing her dresses

3.      She has washed her dresses

Her dresses are washed

Her dresses are being washed

Her dresses have been washe


4.      She will wash her dresses


Her dresses will be washed


5.      She washed her dresses

6.      She was washing her dresses

7.      She had washed her dresses

  Her dresses were washed

Her dresses were being washed

Her dresses have been washed

Kalimat Pasif Menggunakan Impersonal It
Kata kerja say, think, believe, consider, suppose, know dalam kalimat pasif menggunakan impersonal it.

Contoh :
Active   : People say that we have made much progress
Passive : It is said that we have made much progress

Bentuk Gerund Mengandung Arti Pasif
Kata-kata seperti need, want, require, dan worth diikuti gerund namun bermakna pasif,

Contoh : The letter needs stamping = The letter needs to be stamped

Soal – soal latihan !

1. ‘I’m sure you love the dog offered to you by the veterinarian yesterday.’
‘Yes, I regret I refused it; but when I went back to him, it……………’

a. Had been taken
b. Had taken
c. Had to have taken
d. Had to be taken
e. Had to take

2. ‘I haven’t got the report on the seminar held last week’
‘I’m sure it…………… on your desk yesterday.’

a. Put
b. Being put
c. Was putting
d. Was put
e. Putting

3. ‘What is going to happen to the children who have become orphans due to the tsunami disaster ?’
‘Don’t worry, they …………’

a. Will take care of
b. Will have been taken care of
c. Will have taken care of
d. Will be taken care of
e. Will be taking care of

4. ‘Last night a thief broke into my brother’s house.’
‘really ? What …………….. from the house ?’

a. He took
b. It was taken
c. Was being taken
d. Was taking
e. Was taken

5. ‘What time will the delayed plane depart ?’
‘They say that it ……………soon.’

a. Will announce
b. Is to announce
c. To be announced
d. Announces
e. Will be announced

6. I’d like to book three standard rooms for next week, please,’
‘I’m sorry, Sir, our hotel…………… until the end of the month.’

a. It is fully booked
b. We book it fully
c. Is fully booked
d. Booking it fully
e. To be fully booked

7. ‘Hasn’t Anita submitted her report yet?’
‘ I don’t thing so. It……….

a. Be printing
b. Is printing
c. Being printed
d. To be printed
e. Is being printed

8. Donny does not mind doing extra work, but doesn’t like………….

a. Criticize
b. Criticizing
c. Is criticized
d. Be criticized
e. To be criticized

9. ‘Have you been informed about the exact number of victims of the airplane crash?’
‘Yes……….. to the headquarters of Garuda.’

a. They are faxed
b. Has faxed
c. The victims fax
d. It has been faxed
e. We fax it

10. ‘You seem to be waiting for something these days.’
‘That’s true ; I’m waiting ……………. For an interview.’

a. Called
b. To call
c. Be called
d. Calling
e. To be called

11. I am still waiting ……… for interview

a. To be called
b. Be called
c. Be calling
d. To call
e. Call

12.Why is the baby next door crying?’
‘As usual, it………. By the baby sitter.’

a. Is neglecting
b. Is neglected
c. Is to be neglected
d. Neglects
e. Is to neglects

13. Due to the current financial condition, our budget plan for 1998/1999……………..

a. Needs to review
b. Needs to be reviewed
c. Needs review
d. Is needed to be reviewed
e. Is need reviewing

14. ‘ How do you know that rupiahs became stronger?’
‘It…… on TV.’

a. Has just been announced
b. Has just to be announced
c. Have just been announced
d. Had just been announced
e. Had just announced

15. ‘Bambang looks very happy today.’
‘Don’t you know he ………….. to General Manager?’

a. Has promoted
b. To be promoted
c. Being promoted
d. Has to promote
e. Has been promoted

16. The progress of this class needs …………….

a. To be evaluated
b. Evaluated
c. To evaluated
d. In evaluated
e. Be evaluated

17. ‘Hasn’t Anita submitted her report yet?’
‘ I don’t thing so. It……….

a. Be printing
b. Is printing
c. Being printed
d. To be printed
e. Is being printed

18. Komodos ……………. To be descended from dinosaurs.

a. They believe
b. To believe
c. Believed
d. To be believed
e. Are believed

19. Do you know that at the moment some amazing experiments ……… by university research biologists ?

a. Carried out
b. To carry out
c. Are being carried out
d. Be carried out
e. They are carried out

20. He hasn’t got enough experience …………. Principal of our school.

a. Promoted
b. To be promoted
c. Being promoted
d. Be promoted
e. He will be promoted

Demikianlah pembahasan materi passive voice, semoga bermanfaat untuk sahabat SBI (Study bahasa Inggris), dan mohon maaf jika ada kekurangan. Ingat “ Lebih baik belajar satu halaman setiap hari, daripada belajar satu buku tapi Cuma sehari”….

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