Amanda Says Screw Homework

I got nothing. I honestly don't. I woke up this morning reading about the possibility of teachers having weapons in the classroom. First off, if a teacher carried a weapon in the classroom, the curriculum and environment of schools would totally be based off fear! But that's beside the point. This morning my main purpose was to search for a topic to base my article off of, but alas my day took over my train of thought and I was ambushed by my addiction to procrastination.

I had an 8 AM History of Television and Radio class. Which is fun if people actually showed up and presented any form of interest. In this class today we watched old, cheesy, and somewhat well-written spy shows from the 70's; I was absolutely bored out of my mind. I actually ate 4 sticks of gum to keep me awake to even interpret the plot to any of the shows.

After that class, I had Fundamentals of Speech, and I had to present an Informative Speech to my lovely peers...sorta. My topic was on how the mental health of athletes can be affected by the masculinity of being a professional athlete. I honestly thought it was great. Well, my topic was great, my presentation was horrible. I actually went 1 minute over the designated time limit finishing with a low B- overall.

I go back to my dorm kind of distraught and bored when suddenly I get a text. I applied for a position to be a part of an organization here at Troy University. Apparently, I got the job. Yes, only 4 people applied but I'm still excited about it. I have a job in college! Most people can't even order fast food without stuttering...well I actually do that all the time.

In the wake of me being hired, I decided to dedicate my article to this momentous occasion. So I opened my laptop and typed my password and username to get into Muse when then, I get another text. It's one of my friends from high school who is one the few people on this campus that keeps me sane. It's time to go to the gym and work on our Spring Break Bods! Which happens to be next week and my body gained no progress.

It was bench day, and my arms and chest felt like taffy while my mental state was all over the place. We worked out for two and a half hours but it really felt like 6 hours. After killing my body for a good cause(Spring Bod), I ran back to my dorm, took a shower, then started to get back on my article but...

A blank screen

I was still not producing the content I wanted to show to the world. I wanted to show my Odyssey family that I can create great content consistently, but unfortunately, nothing came to mind. So I got decided to focus on another priority.

Every other Wednesday, we have $2 movie night. Sponsored by the organization that I was recently hired by. These are the best nights in college, it combines the two things I love. Movie theaters and people hanging out. I watched the movie "Game Night" which is living proof that Jason Bateman plays the same role a different plot. As you can assume, I still didn't gain inspiration for an article. But on the bright side, I had a few laughs and more popcorn than I should've but it is what it is right? No? Okay.

As you approach the ending of this poorly thought out article that has nothing to do with equality, gun control, Trump, or Top 10 Soccer Cleats to Wear at a Funeral, just know that I was in the library pondering how lame I am for not planning topics ahead like a responsible human. I need an article that can show some vulnerability with a hint of disappointment. Like an article about how I spent my day instead of writing an article...

The Boss announces that the Buzz staff will be replaced with a new wave of students. The entire gang is very surprised. Rebecca comes to the decision that she is going to fight for the Buzz. Noah is very casual about it, and when Rebecca explains to him about her plans for a Save Buzz rally/meeting with the boss, Noah tries to explain that everything has to come to an end, and that is why he isn't as hung up about it as he could be. Rebecca replies that, yes, everything does have to come to an end, including 'us'.

Amanda tells Wilder that she is going to live with her real mother, to pursue her singing career. Wilder points out that there is so much that they haven't done yet, including Amanda having her first kiss. He then reveals that he has hired a famous singer/guitar player to play while they share their first kiss, but when Wilder reveals that he didn't vote for this guy, he gets rather angry, and Wilder runs out scared. Later, while Mr. Shepherd is talking about the final episodes of sitcoms, and how they are often the most watched episodes of the entire series, Wilder plans to publicly show his affection toward Amanda. But that backfires too, leaving Amanda desperate to share a kiss with Wilder.

Michael gets offered a job in a movie alongside Dex Cobra, but he tells himself he can't take the part because every time his life is going right, it turns into a disaster. DJ tries to convince him otherwise, but he just won't listen, until Mr. Shepherd convinces him to say yes, which he does. He almost loses hope again when Dex Cobra is late to pick him up, but when he comes he is extremely excited. DJ is trying to plan her and Mr. Shepherd's wedding, a big traditional wedding with lots of guests, etc. Mr. Shepherd says that "he doesn't want this" and DJ takes it as him not wanting to marry her. Noah tells Rebecca that when his first article was published, he thought he couldn't be happier, but then he fell in love with Rebecca. He says that he had an incredible two years, and wouldn't want that opportunity to be taken away from anyone else. This makes Rebecca realize that although it is upsetting to leave the Buzz, it is for the best.

At the airport, Wilder doesn't want to kiss Amanda because he wants it to be special. Amanda boards the plane in a huff, saying that the world is full of lips, and she will find a pair to kiss anyway, and Wilder sulks at the gate. Amanda returns, saying she got the plane to turn around, and convinces that Wilder that they don't have to be at a special place or time, or with special music playing, because they will be sharing the kiss with each other, and that is what makes it special. They share a very passionate kiss and Amanda doesn't board the plane again, going back to the office for a surprise event.

Michael plans a "Pity Party" for DJ, which includes wearing her wedding dress and ruining everything that Mr. Shepherd gave her, but when they exit her office, in her full wedding dress she finds everyone there, set for a simple, but special wedding. Mr. Shepherd explains that it wasn't her he didn't want, it was the big fancy wedding; so they finally get married. Rebecca's replacement throws her hat up and it doesn't come down, and Rebecca says the exact lines to her new replacement that DJ said to Rebecca in her first week when she threw her hat up.

Around a makeshift wedding cake, they all share a sentence or two to sum up their time at buzz. Rebecca says how her time at Buzz has expanded her family from just her Dad and Baba, and made it better. Michael tells of how he was always the outsider and that at Teen Buzz, everyone let him in. Noah explains that if he had his time at Buzz over again, he wouldn't do anything differently. They begin a toast to the Buzz, and then Wilder falls into the cake, making the moment go from almost perfect, to perfect. During the credits, each of the cast members say some things about their time acting in the Latest Buzz.

Guest Starring: Canadian Idol contestant Mookie Morris as himself, Trevor Boris as the airport announcer and Taylor Dale as Lucy

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