Keystone Light Canhole Case Study Answer

KEYSTONE LIGHT/ MILLER COORS 3Keystone Light/ Miller CoorsIntroductionThe beer company, Keystone Light is having some issues staying on top of the game while riding along next to their big named competitors. Keystone was trying to find new inventive ways to meet their objectives such as increase interaction, increase sharing between consumers and being accepted into the retail world by all. Keystone Light targeted a man that goes by the name of “The Cruiser”. Cruiser is a normal guy that is known to be very fun and laid back. Cruiser came up with a game called can-hole, which the company eventually made come to life. The game is used with an empty case of Keystone Light and empty squished beer cans that can bring family and friends from all over together for a good time. Keystone Light now has the opportunity to reach their objectives and show their competitors what they are made of. In order to give the Cruiser an incentive that appealed to his fun-loving ingenuity and inventiveness, every time he bought a pack of Keystone Light, he got a completely self-contained Corn-hole game. The Cruiser had to punch out the perforated hole designed into the box and use his crushed empty cans of Keystone Light as “bags” during hours of summer party and sport “Broments” with his buddies. The company named this fun activity “CANHOLE.” How would this promotion help achieve any of the company’s objectives?The best communication to promote this and reach the company’s objectives would be word of mouth. The promotion is about a company and what they are offering to all of their customers. Using word of mouth will spread like wild fire and reach more customers which are the overall goals of the marketers. In this specific case, Keystone Light is offering a fun game to

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Dan Fox is a real beer guy.

For more than half his 30-year career at ad agency, Foote, Cone & Belding, he ran the Coors Brewing account. Leading a group of dozens of advertising professionals, Dan also personally wrote the Pete Coors "Somewhere near Golden, Colorado" commercials, designed the Coors NASCAR graphics, authored sales-convention speeches, and most important of all, formulated marketing strategy for virtually every Coors brand, including Coors Light, Keystone, Killian's Irish Red and more. His proudest achievement? "Our team had every Coors brand growing at once."

Over his advertising career, Dan was personally involved in the analysis, planning and creation of thousands of ads for a variety of products and services. By way of this blog, he freely shares his expertise about what works, and what doesn't, when it comes to selling beer.

If you're in the beer-marketing business--or just interested in the subject--you may want to read what "HeyBeerDan" has to say.

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